Criminal Justice

Lawmakers should ensure that Texas’ public safety and criminal justice systems protect innocent people, deal humanely with those who are convicted of crimes, and protect the civil rights and civil liberties of all Texans.

Texas’ accounts for more than 50 percent of executions in the United States. Capital convictions are slowing dramatically in Texas, largely as a result of the establishment of a life-without-parole sentencing option in 2005, but concerns remain around the issues of wrongful conviction and the execution of individuals with diminished mental capacity.

In both capital and non-capital cases, Texas lags the nation in investment in adequate defense for those who are accused of crimes and unable to afford legal representation.

Texas also should address the risks associated with increased reliance on intelligence-sharing among law enforcement agencies and “pre-emptive law enforcement” created by post-September 11 homeland security policies.

Death Penalty

Texas Impact has long worked to help people of faith, legislators, and others understand the moral and societal implications of the death penalty.


Intelligence-led Policing

Texas Impact has worked with law enforcement, legislators, people of faith, and civil liberties groups to address the opportunities and concerns associated with the use of technology and analysis as tools for anticipating and responding to crime.

Juvenile Justice

Texas Impact partners with organizations and legislators to advocate for improved juvenile justice policies.


Restorative Justice, Wrongful Conviction, & Indigent Defense

The issues of restorative justice, wrongful conviction, and indigent defense constitute an important part of the criminal justice discussion and represent opportunities for the faith community to be involved with the justice system.

Communities, Trust, and Intelligence-led Policing

As part of our work on criminal justice issues, Texas Impact has studied the issues of fusion centers and intelligence-led policing, which have become more prominent in Texas and around the nation.  Texas Impact has hosted community forums with citizens and law enforcement officials and produced a report outlining the issue for people of faith.  The report, "The Eyes of Texas: Communities, Trust, and Intelligence-led Policing", can be downloaded by clicking on the image at left.

Criminal Justice Updates