Disaster Legislation in the 81st Texas Legislative Session

[Update: Now that the 81st legislative session has come to an end, click here for a wrap-up of disaster-related legislation.]

When it comes to disaster mitigation and recovery, ensuring that state officials pursue prudent policies should be a priority for all Texans, but faith communities across in the state have a particular interest in the topic given the active roles they play in times of disaster.

Texas Impact is tracking disaster-related legislation in the 81st Legislature. We are tracking more than 80 bills that deal with disaster mitigation, preparation, or recovery. A short list of some of our priority disaster-related bills can be seen below. To learn more, contact Morgan Hargrave at (512) 472 - 3903 or


Bill # Author(s) Issue Status
HB 450/HB 1591/SB 179/SB 360 Rep. Taylor/Rep. Hamilton/Sen. Gallegos/Sen. Patrick Sales tax holiday for hurricane preparation supplies In Committee
HB 2487/SB 1379 Rep. Eiland/Sen. Hinojosa Texas natural disaster contingency fund In Committee
HB 2558 Rep. Turner Requires registration for clients of home and community support services agencies Passed by the House and Senate
HB 2827 Rep. Turner Creates an emergency housing and disaster recovery division within TDHCA Passed by the House; up for a Senate vote on May 19th
HB 3168 Rep. Davis (Yvonne) Natural disaster reconstruction demonstration initiative Left to expire in House Calendars committee
SB 75 Sen. Nelson DSHS disaster education program Passed by both Houses as an amendment to HB 1831
SB 697 Sen. Ellis Requires insurers to cover storm surges In Committee
SB 1112 Sen. Estes Allows a county to spend funds in assistance of individuals affected by disasters Passed the Senate
SB 2183 Sen. Gallegos Creates "interoperability coordinator" to direct communications during disaster response In committee
SB 2292 Sen. Lucio Natural disaster housing reconstruction initiative Passed by the Senate
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