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Texas Water 101 (Justice Frameworks)

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Texas Water 101
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The turn of the last decade offered us a glimpse into one possible future for the state’s water in the form of a prolonged and historic drought. We now have which also offers the opportunity to reconsider how we acquire, use, and manage our water. Texas’ water planners face a diverse set of challenges, and will need to employ equally diverse strategies to ensure clean, reliable water for all Texans in decades to come.

In a very real sense, we are all water planners. The state’s water planning system, which has seen sweeping changes since the foundation of the Texas Water Development Board in 1957, relies on the input and engagement of its stakeholders to succeed. All Texans are stakeholders. The future of the state’s water is in our hands—in your hands. If we are to preserve it for future generations, we need to know where we stand today.

It is the intention of this publication to demystify our state’s water resources, and to inform as many Texans as possible about the past and present issues facing the state, so that we can manage this most precious of natural resources responsibly.

Executive summary available here.