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From Ambition to Action: How Faith Communities Can Make the Paris Climate Agreement Real

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In December 2015, negotiators from 195 nations came together in Paris, France, to create a global plan to prevent and mitigate negative impacts of climate change.  e gathering, called COP21, was the twenty-first annual meeting of the nations, so participants and observers alike were thrilled when the negotiators affirmed the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement sets meaningful global targets for greenhouse gas reductions and other important actions. Most significantly, the Agreement affirms the importance of every nation’s participation. Each country that signs the Agreement will set national goals for climate action that, collectively, will lead to the global improvements the Agreement envisions.

But for nations to meet their targets, they will need the participation of every sector of their population, including local government. Faith communities can help ensure the success of the process by encouraging local community participation. One important step is to encourage your city to register its climate commitments with the United Nations.