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Bathroom Bill Voting Record

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During the 85th Session, the Legislature debated legislation that would require individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificates. Mainstream faith communities affirm the shared values of respect, dignity, and welcome for every person. Discriminatory legislation that targets individuals based on sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity runs counter to Texan values.

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SB 6 was an expansive "bathroom bill" that would have preempted city nondiscrimination ordinances; regulated the contractual relationships cities made with businesses; regulated bathroom accommodations at schools, universities, cities and counties; and empowered the attorney general to bring suit and impose financial penalties against political subdivisions in response to complaints from the public. The House rejected SB 6.

Amendment 2 to SB 2076 was a more narrow provision the House passed in an attempt to compromise with the Senate. The amendment's language resulted from negotiation with local stakeholders. It required public schools to provide a single-occupancy facility for any student not wishing to use the common facilities. It also attempted to protect the privacy of the student receiving the accommodation. The Senate rejected Amendment 2 to SB 2076.