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Our first annual Health Justice Sabbath weekend was a huge success! People of faith across Texas gathered to pray, study, and take action to support health care for all Texans.

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"It is important to me that Gospel values get translated into influence on public policy. I value and support Texas Impact because it does this so well at the state level--all the while keeping me informed about current policy issues. As a Christian and individual church member, I feel that I have an effective advocate for my convictions in Texas Impact."  

Long-time member Mike McWilliams on why he supports Texas Impact.

At a time when many Americans are wondering what might be in store for the U-S healthcare system (particularly in the Lone Star State, which leads the nation in both number and percentage of uninsured residents), Texas faith communities have a message for congregants and lawmakers alike: healthcare should be above politics.

Update 2: High-resolution video of the press conference is now online. Watch it on Youtube or embedded below.

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This morning at the COP, British medical journal The Lancet launched a new initiative called "The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change." The initiative is an international, multi-disciplinary research collaboration between academic institutions following the 2015 Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change, which emphasized that the response to climate change could be “the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century.”

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COP 22

In the wake of U.S. election results, Americans attending COP22 started getting a lot of questions from their global colleagues: What do we think of the president-elect? What positions will he take on (name your issue)? Who will he appoint to be in his Cabinet? But mostly—since we are here at a conference focused on international cooperation on dealing with our shared planetary climate crisis—the question was: “What does the election mean for U.S. action on climate change?”

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Take Action! Texas: Strong. Proud. Diverse.

Dear Friends,

With the election season in the rearview mirror, your democracy still needs you! The Texas Legislature will convene in two months, and the faith community's participation has never been more important. 

Join Texas Impact--Texas' oldest and largest interfaith advocacy organization. Witness to the shared values and priorities of our state's diverse faith the Capitol and in your local community.

You can serve your faith and our state in the upcoming legislative session--sign up today to take action for Texas! 

In Remembrance is an annual event at the Captain Joe Byrd Prison Cemetery in Huntsville, co-hosted by the Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy and Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Huntsville. On the Saturday after All Souls Day, participants held an interfaith service of remembrance and prayed for the 3,500 families represented by the headstones. 

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Above Politics Webinar: Health Advocacy Training, Part 2 - November 17, 2016 at 12PM

Thursday, November 17, Texas Impact staff will be available via webinar to help congregations participating in, or interested in the Health Justice Sabbath. We will also make time available to listen to what you plan on doing and share ideas. 

To learn more about the Health Justice Sabbath, or to register your congregation, go to

We look forward to visiting with you on the call and hope you will invite people you know who might be interested.

Today was our first day at the 22nd annual Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which started on Monday. Texas Impact had staff in the Blue Zone, where the official negotiations occur, as well as in the Green Zone, which is more open to the public and features exhibits, presentations, and interactive engagement opportunities.

I observed this morning’s plenary session, the third plenary of this year’s COP. During the plenary, delegates heard presentations from the designated Climate Champions of Morocco and France.

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