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Amy Litzinger

Attendant services help many people with disabilities interact with their community. These services are essential for families and adults with disabilities in order for individuals to reach their full potential. By assisting with daily tasks and helping self advocates reach their goals for independence. In many cases, it is the continued presence of a reliable attendant that allows individuals and their families to maintain employment and otherwise contribute to their wider community.

Monday afternoon, Rep. Tom Craddick (HD-82) offered an amendment to SB 2065, proposing statewide regulations on Texas payday lending businesses. The amendment led to vigorous discussion among members about interest rates, usury laws, and the role of government in regulating financial institutions.

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 217-213 last Thursday. The House passed it before the Congressional Budget Office had a chance to score the bill, meaning that legislators voted before they had a full estimate of the AHCA’s effects. Some members admitted that they hadn’t read the whole bill before voting for its passage. Among them was Rep.

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