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According to the Texas Secretary of State's website, almost 75% of the Texas voting age population is registered to vote...but most of the Texans who are registered don't make it to the voting booth. In the 2014 gubernatorial primaries in Texas, fewer than 10% of registered Republicans bothered to vote, and just over 4% of Democrates cast ballots.

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“Who is My Neighbor?”

Lutheran Legislative Event 2016

Sponsored by Poverty & Justice Task Force of ELCA’s Southwestern Texas Synod

Participating ELCA Synods:

Southwestern Texas, Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast

On December 15, the House Committee on Human Services heard invited testimony from DPS Director Steven McCraw, HHSC Executive Commissioner Chris Traylor, and Heather Reynolds, President and CEO of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Fort Worth.

You can watch several clips from the hearing below.

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By Yaira Robinson and Imaad Khan - Special to the Austin American-Statesman December 19, 2015

The conflict in Syria demonstrates how climate-related disaster can exacerbate social and political tensions and increase the likelihood of conflict. The Pentagon has called climate change a “threat multiplier,” and a recent Department of Defense report says that climate change contributes to government instability and social unrest. The report notes, “These gaps in governance can create an avenue for extremist ideologies and conditions that foster terrorism.”

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On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services held a public hearing regarding proposed Rule 40 that would allow the private detention centers in Karnes City and Dilley, Texas to be state-licensed child care providers.

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On Tuesday, December 15th, the House Committee on Human Services will receive an update on the Governor’s directive regarding Syrian refugee settlement. 

Watch the hearing here

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