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If one citizen is unwilling to participate, all of us are going to suffer. —Barbara Jordan

Primary Election

Early voting: February 20 – March 2

Election day: March 6

Primary Election Runoff

(NOTE: When you vote in the runoff you must vote in the same party election as you did in the primary. You cannot switch to vote in the other party’s election.)

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Texas Impact General Counsel, Joshua Houston, testified at the Senate State Affairs hearing on religious liberty this past Wednesday Februrary 21, 2018.

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The Senate Finance committee met this past Tuesday February 20th to discuss updates on Harvey recovery. The committee heard invited testimony from Chief Nim Kidd from the Texas Division of Emergency Management, Pete Phillips, Director of Community Development and Reviatlization from the General Land Office, and Jerry Strickland, Director at the Office of State-Federal Relations. Here are some clips from the hearing:

Senator Taylor Calling for a Template for Disaster Relief

From the national office for ELCA Advocacy:
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With early voting starting on February 20th, many Texans are wondering how they can find out about the candidates. Sadly, some potential voters will skip voting because they aren’t confident about their options and they don’t want to vote for candidates who don’t share their values.

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The House Committee on General Investigating and Ethics held a public hearing on Thursday, January 18th, regarding oversight of local, state, federal, and charitable funds spent on disaster relief and recovery post- Hurricane Harvey. The committee heard invited testimony from local non-profit organizations, faith leaders, and state agencies about their relief efforts, as well as ongoing challenges they are facing during the process.

January 10th, 2018 marked a National Day of Action to #SaveCHIP. The social media campaign directed at Congress has the goal of pushing lawmakers to finally fund a critically necessary health care program that provides health insurance for 400,000 Texas children, and 9 million children across the country.

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Last Tuesday, a federal judge issued a temporary injunction blocking part of the Trump administration’s DACA repeal. The order allows those who had DACA status the day the repeal was announced to apply for renewal. But the scope of the injunction is unclear and the administration has said that they will appeal the decision. While advocates view the court order as a positive step, the pressure is still on Congress to pass a more permanent legislative solution.



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Our friends at the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty have made us aware that the U.S. Senate has inserted language into the tax reform bill to repeal the Johnson Amendment. Senators need to hear the voice of faith leaders like you: Urge your Senator to leave this dangerous provision out of the tax reform bill and keep the Johnson Amendment in place.

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