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We're Still In the Paris Agreement

Policy Analyst

President Trump last Thursday announced that he would be pulling the United States out of the Paris Agreement, a global agreement to cap global temperature rise to 2 degrees C as well as provide poorer countries the means to combat climate change effictively and sustainably. 195 countries signed on to the Paris Agreement and the United States played a key role in negotiations, ultimately signing on in April of last year.

Texas Impact traveled to Paris in 2015 as representatives of the faith community to attend the UN climate confrence, COP21, where the Paris Agreement was negotiated. We also traveled to COP22 in Marrakech in 2016 where global leaders worked to negotiate the details of implementing the global climate agreement. The faith community has been a consistent voice advocating for provisions that will mitigate the negative effects of climate change as well as provide vulnerable communities the means to adapt to our changing world. While withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is a multi-year process, the president's announcement is a reinforcement of his negative approach to climate change and undermines the decades of effort that the global community has exerted to protect and preserve our planet. 

In response to the federal government abandoning the Paris Agreement, state and local governments, business leaders, and faith communities from across the country are joining a movement called "We're Still In." The movement allows representatives from all sectors of society to abide by the principles of the Paris Agreement by pledging to cut their carbon emissions, and not be tied to the calamitous federal decision. Cities, states, universities, faith communities, and companies are pledging their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and taking responsibility for the future of our world.

You and your household can also take part in the nationwide movement. You can be involved by implementing green practices at your houses of worship and homes, supporting sustainable energy, and advocating for a more responsible approach to global climate change. Click here to sign on.


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