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U.S. Senate Health Care Bill - Learn More and Take Action Today

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U.S. Senators unveiled their health care reform bill Thursday morning. The bill was developed behind closed doors, and Senate Republican leaders are hoping to have a vote on the Senate floor before a weeklong recess beginning June 30th.

President Trump and Republicans in Congress campaigned on pledges to cover more people, lower costs, and protect Medicaid. The Senate bill breaks all those promises.

Under the new proposal, 23 million people will lose coverage. The bill increases premiums and deductibles, forcing people to pay more for the same coverage. It imposes an “age tax” by allowing insurance companies to charge up to five times as much for people over 50. The Senate version makes deep cuts to Medicaid by not only ending Medicaid expansion, but also taking away care from seniors in nursing homes, people with disabilities, and kids.

Take this quiz by the Kaiser Family Foundation to see how much you know about what Congress is proposing.

To understand how Medicaid is implemented in Texas and some of the consequences block grants and per capita caps would have on our state, click here.

National denominations and faith leaders from across the country have denounced the bill, and have urged Congress to pass legislation that protects the vulnerable, rather than takes away care.

 “Medicaid is a sacred covenant we've made to care for one another, so people do not have to rely on fundraisers. Medicaid has helped millions of working families, low-income people, children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities for more than five decades.” Bishop Gregory V. Parmer – United Methodist Church

Read his full statement here.

“ELCA social teaching urges us to love our neighbor by advocating for access to basic health care for all and to participate vigorously and responsibly in the public discussion on how best to fulfill this obligation. In a nation of great abundance, everyone should have access to quality and affordable health care, no matter our income, gender or background. Unfortunately, current proposals in Congress that are aimed at making our health care system sustainable would attempt to do so at the expense of our most vulnerable community members.” - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Read the full statement here.

Medicaid is a vital program that protects the most vulnerable in our society. Any cuts to the program translate directly to less care for those people that have the last. Texas Impact has various publications on the importance of Medicaid and health care policy for Texans that you can read here.

Visit to learn more about how faith can inform better healthcare policies. 



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