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Texas Impact Staff Discuss Membership and Water at Lovers Lane UMC in Dallas, May 3rd, 2016

Sadia Tirmizi and Rev Sam Brannon were honored to visit the United Methodist Women of Lovers Lane UMC in Dallas, Texas on May 3rd. Sadia introduced Texas Impact and the Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy, thanking the congregation for their long-standing membership and encouraged attendees to consider partnering with Texas Impact. The work we do at Texas Impact is never done alone. Only through partnering with our members can we successfully ensure that our state leaders are hearing the collective voice of people of faith in shaping public policy.

Sam presented material on the Christian Biblical foundations of environmental stewardship and how that relates to the supply of drinking water in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. DFW is a thirsty place slated to grow its population from 7.5 million residents to a whopping 14.3 million people by 2070. The region is looking at a 1.3-million-acre-foot water supply shortage in 50 years-time.

The time for planning is now and it will take strong partnerships between faithful citizens, city and county leaders, legislators, as well as regional water planners to make a bright future possible for the DFW region.  The Q&A was lively, and the wonderful people in attendance were obviously excited for the opportunity to help plan their own water future.  

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