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Texas Impact CHIP Action Center

January 10th, 2018 marked a National Day of Action to #SaveCHIP. The social media campaign directed at Congress has the goal of pushing lawmakers to finally fund a critically necessary health care program that provides health insurance for 400,000 Texas children, and 9 million children across the country.

More than 100 days have passed since Congress failed to extend full funding for the successful, bipartisan Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides 9 million U.S. children and pregnant women with comprehensive and affordable health care coverage.

The program’s funding officially expired on September 30, 2017. Since then, Congress has passed temporary, inadequate funding patches, and delivered those at the last possible moment with no comprehensive relief or assurance to states. This has created an emergency where there should be none, and it has real consequences for children, families, pregnant women, and for the budgets of states that are quickly running out of CHIP funds. Several states have already started to notify families that they will lose their CHIP coverage due to a lack of funding. In Texas approximately 400,000 children and their families rely on CHIP to provide basic and necessary care for a variety of immediate health situations. CHIP is the safety net for worried parents in the United States.

As people of faith - and acting as an organization representative of faith groups - we adopt the opinion of universal care for the common good for all people. Our belief goes on to say that everyone should get health care, regardless of ability to pay. Children and families should not have to face uncertainty when it comes to their health care coverage. The short-term CHIP funding that Congress passed before the holiday recess, and which has proven to be woefully inadequate, doesn't provide the long-term funding fix that 400,000 Texas kids and their families need. Now, more than ever, families and states need stability and the promise of long-term funding - but what they’ve been given is Congressional inaction leading to uncertainty and worry.

As of today, thousands of people have taken action, calling, emailing,  tweeting, and writing to their members of Congress. Members have given verbal assurances that they will pass a funding fix soon, but they have been making those promises since September. And yet they have passed no long-term funding for CHIP. The public outpouring of CHIP support puts important pressure on members of Congress, and it must continue until they truly take action to protect children and families. If Congress fails to extend the full amount funding to this program, as many as 9 million children could go uninsured. Uninsured children are five times more likely to have an unmet need for medical care.

Our faith traditions call us to protect children, and children who are at risk of losing their health insurance are among the most vulnerable members of our communities right now.

You can take action to preserve CHIP and to make sure that Congress passes a long-term, stable funding fix for this very important health insurance program.


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  • And many more.