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Take Action: Tell Congress Your Health Care Story

Feb. 20-24, talk to you your U.S. Senator and Representative about health care!

Monday marks the beginning of the Presidents' Day congressional recess, a one-week "district work week" when many members of Congress will be looking to connect with their constituents. 

Texas Impact staff and other members of the Cover Texas Now coalition are in Washington, D.C., this week meeting with congressional staffers regarding health care issues including proposals to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cutting funding for Medicaid. It's clear that the Texas congressional delegation needs to hear from folks in their districts about how these lifesaving health care programs impact you and others in your community.  

Many members of Congress hold listening sessions and town hall meetings during this period--even if your representative does not hold formal events, it's a great week to drop by the district office or give them a quick call.

Find out who represents you in Congress and get their district contact information at

Be sure to check out Cover Texas Now's resources to help you tell your story, including a briefing article about the national healthcare conversation.

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