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Support a Solution: The Interfaith Community Calls for Coverage Expansion

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Texas Impact's Board of Directors, representing more than two-dozen Christian, Jewish, and Muslim denominational bodies, as well as hundreds of local congregations, ministerial alliances and interfaith networks, and thousands of people of faith throughout Texas, adopted the statement below on September 13 at their biennial legislative board retreat.

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Dear Texas Lawmakers:

We implore you to avert the looming crisis facing health care systems across Texas.

  • Impending cuts in federal uncompensated care funds threaten the future availability of health care services and providers in many areas;
  • Faced with the prospect of losing vital services, many local governments will be forced to increase health care-related taxes;
  • Loss of federal health care funds will have a negative impact overall on the state’s economy;
  • Loss of federal funds could cause Texas to lose ground in areas such as mental health, where lawmakers have worked so hard in recent years;
  • The most vulnerable Texans will feel the impact of this crisis most acutely, since they depend the most on local, publicly funded heath care systems and have the fewest resources to access alternatives.

If you continue to allow this crisis to unfold, we fear that the ramifications will be dire for our state, local communities, and future generations of Texans.

By virtue of our size, complexity, and geography, Texas faces a broad spectrum of public health challenges that include disasters, diseases, and demographic trends. Some of these impact the lives of individual Texans, while others threaten the safety and security of entire communities. Diminishing access to stable, local systems of care only will exacerbate existing health disparities, leaving individuals more vulnerable, and communities less resilient.

Happily, lawmakers have options available to avert this crisis; moreover, through prompt action they can improve the long-term stability of our state’s health care systems.

Please support a solution to ensure that health coverage is available to every Texan.

We also encourage legislators to make overdue improvements to Texas’ health care finance systems, especially by adjusting reimbursement rates for health care providers and simplifying eligibility and enrollment for publicly funded health care programs.


The Texas Impact Board and over 125 Texas Faith Leaders and Texans of Faith

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