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Senate Committee on Finance Discusses Budget Article II (Health and Human Services)

On Tuesday, January 31, the Senate Finance Committee listened to public testimony on Article II, the Health and Human Services portion of the budget. The Senate budget is already barebones, but an additional provision in the bill requires an across the board cut that could result in an extra $500 million cut to health and human services. This cut threatens low-income children, people with disabilities, seniors, pregnant women, kids in foster care, Texas with mental health challenges and others who rely on these services.

Texas Impact member Betsy Singleton said, “It’s not a time to be siphoning off money from public schools or lowering taxes or balancing the budget by failing to provide for citizens’ needs.” Watch Betsy's full testimony here.

The good news is that SB1 is considered a starting place-there is still time for you to contact your legislators about prioritizing health and human services funding in the budget. Legislators can vote to use the Rainy Day Fund to support health and human services, including Child Protective Services, therapies for children with disabilities, mental health services, Medicaid and more.

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