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Rev. Sam Brannon Discusses Climate Change and Water with the World Federation of Methodists in Houston

From August 31 to Sept 2, Methodists from around the world met in Houston, Texas for the 21st World Conference of Methodists. This international body convenes every five years for fellowship, education, fun, and a little parliamentary work. The organizers provide numerous break-out sessions on issues ranging from healing and prayer to worship matters and community organization.   

Methodist organizers invited Texas Impact Water Captains Program Director, Rev. Sam Brannon, to speak on the complexities of water as a basic human need in the context of ongoing international discussions about climate change and the future of the world’s potable water supply. Sam presented an amalgam of materials including Texas water planning resources, Climate Reality Project content, and sustainability/resilience resources from UNESCO.

Sam’s presentations focused on global challenges to sustaining the world’s current standard of living while continuing to improve underdeveloped communities. People from places as remote as Angola and the Solomon Islands participated in the class. This diverse group resonated with discussions about global shifts related to climate change, and people shared their climate stories, hopes, and desires for justice.

Texas Impact is honored to share conversation with people of faith from all over the world on addressing the global moral challenges of climate change. Many thanks to the World Conference of Methodists for inviting Rev. Brannon to speak.

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