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Pledge to Vote!

Pledge to Vote Today at!

According to the Texas Secretary of State's website, almost 75% of the Texas voting age population is registered to vote...but most of the Texans who are registered don't make it to the voting booth. In the 2014 gubernatorial primaries in Texas, fewer than 10% of registered Republicans bothered to vote, and just over 4% of Democrates cast ballots.

That's why Texas Impact has created "Pledge to Vote." It's easy to lose track of time during early voting, and the next thing you know it's election day and you realize you'll never make it to your precinct polling place. We get it. When you pledge to vote, you'll get automated reminders to go vote.

But for some Texans, it's not just a matter of remembering to go vote--they aren't sure how to evalute the candidates, and they are scared of casting a vote they'll regret later. That's why Pledge to Vote also has helpful links to nonpartisan voter information about candidates and issues. 

In the 2013 Constitutional election, fewer than 10% of Texans voted. Let's do better in 2015! Pledge to Vote, cast your vote, and let others know you think voting is important.

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