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Loss and Damage

Loss and Damage” refers to the reality that climate change is a driver for extreme weather events; natural disasters; and slow-onset events such as drought, sea-level rise, and shifting agricultural zones—and that developing countries are most vulnerable to these impacts. It also points to the responsibility that the developed countries have in helping developing countries address the loss and damage associated with climate impacts.

For the faith community, “loss and damage” is a key component in addressing global climate justice concerns through the UNFCCC process.

Learn more about the Loss and Damage Mechanism (its full name is Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change Impacts), which was adopted at the COP19 in Warsaw, Poland, here.

Watch a 15-minute video, "The Pillars of Climate Governance," which explores the three pillars of climate governance: mitigation, adaptation, and means of implementation, here.

Photo "Drought" by Flickr User Bert Kaufmann licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.