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Lawmakers Prepare for the 85th Texas Legislature with Interim Hearings

General Counsel/Director of Government Affairs

The past week at the Capitol has been busy with legislative committees finishing up the last of their interim hearings. In Texas’s biennial legislature, a legislative session occurs in odd-numbered years beginning the second Tuesday in January, and running for 140 days straight. After each legislative session, the presiding officers of the House and the Senate assign “interim charges,” or topics for study, to their committees in preparation for the next session. The House interim charges and Senate interim charges are available online.

The bulk of the work on those interim charges usually occurs throughout the following even-numbered year. In the late summer after Labor Day, there is usually a flurry of public hearings on those topics they have yet to take up. Around Halloween through the holiday season, committee staff write interim reports on those topics for the next legislature. After the winter holidays, the next legislature reconvenes, and many bills are derived from that interim work.

This past week several hearings occurred:

Upcoming hearings for next week include:





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