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Join Texas Impact and Cover Texas Now for a Week of Action for Health Care

When Congress reconvenes in January, many members plan to make repealing the ACA their top priority. Millions of Texans--and other Americans--will spend the holidays worrying that Congress is about to take away their healthcare.

Today starts a first-ever Week of Action for Cover Texas Now --Texas' consumer health care coalition. Throughout the week, we will share easy action steps you can take to advocate for health care for all Texans. Get started today:

Health Coverage Matters: Tell Your Story!

The ACA has given access to health care to millions of working people who otherwise would have been left out. Medicaid and CHIP do the same for the most vulnerable members of our community.

We want to know how Medicaid and the ACA have impacted your life or the life of someone you love. Email us your story at so we can show as many Texans as we can why these programs are critical for a healthy Texas.

Share the Week of Action on Social Media

Throughout the week, Texas Impact and Cover Texas Now will be sharing updates and action steps on social media. 

Follow Cover Texas Now on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

Texas Impact will be promoting the Week of Action on Facebook and Twitter, too. 

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