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Interfaith Clergy and Faith Leaders File Amici Curiae Brief in Refugee Resettlement Lawsuit

On Monday, January 11, seventeen interfaith clergy and religious leaders filed an amici curiae brief in support of refugee resettlement organizations in a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas to block Syrian refugee resettlement in the state. They write, in part:

"Several amici lead organizations that provide direct financial support to, and share institutional affiliations with, the refugee resettlement agencies that are under threat of lawsuit and contract revocation. Those amici who are not directly involved in the resettlement of Syrian refugees are nevertheless deeply concerned that Texas's actions can hinder the efforts of faith-based organizations to aid the needy."

Read more about the brief, and the case, in the Courthouse News Service. The full text of the brief is available here.

The brief was filed for Texas Health and Human Services Commission v. United States of America, et al., in the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas.

Amici curiae signatories include:

  • Reverend Susan I. Abold
  • Reverend Harvey Clemons, Jr.
  • Reverend Mike Cole
  • Right Reverend C. Andrew Doyle
  • Reverend Dr. John Elford
  • Right Reverend Jeff W. Fisher
  • Reverend Chuck Freeman
  • Rabbi Steven M. Gross
  • Right Reverend Dena A. Harrison
  • Bishop Janice Riggle Huie
  • Rabbi Nancy Kasten
  • Bishop Michael McKee
  • Reverend Michael Rinehart
  • Reverend Franz J. Schemmel
  • Very Reverend Barkley Thompson
  • Reverend Dr. Steve Wells
  • Reverend Tommy Williams
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