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Getting Up to Speed on COP22

UN Climate Talks: The Basics

What are Conference of the Parties (COP) negotiations? Why do we have them? What’s with all the acronyms? Here, some places to go for history, background, and definitions of common terms:

  • Read a brief history of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and COP here.
  • UN Climate Negotiations 101 - includes a summary of COP talks leading up to COP21 in Paris and a handy glossary.
  • Explore this COP timeline from the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice.

COP21 and the Paris Agreement

This year's climate talks follow the landmark Paris Agreement at COP21 last December. Get caught up on all things COP21 here:

  • About the Paris Agreement: Read the full text of the Agreement here, or a helpful summary of key points from The Atlantic here.
  • Explore Texas Interfaith Power & Light’s (TXIPL) coverage COP21 from Paris: See all of Bee Moorhead and Yaira Robinson’s updates here, find video interviews from Paris, and watch Bee and Yaira’s presentation for December 2015 prayer vigils.
  • The Paris Agreement is now ratified and goes into effect on November 4, 2016! Learn more about that here.

A Look at COP22

Marrakech, Morocco is hosting the November 7-18, 2016 climate talks. Here, learn some about how Morocco and Africa are approaching COP22:

Stay tuned to our "Bridge to a Bright Climate Future" series for updates about #COP22!


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