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COP22: The Global Climate Action Agenda

Executive Director

Today was our first day at the 22nd annual Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which started on Monday. Texas Impact had staff in the Blue Zone, where the official negotiations occur, as well as in the Green Zone, which is more open to the public and features exhibits, presentations, and interactive engagement opportunities.

I observed this morning’s plenary session, the third plenary of this year’s COP. During the plenary, delegates heard presentations from the designated Climate Champions of Morocco and France.

Recognizing the importance of individual and civil society actions in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, and to bring all stakeholders together to speed up and scale up immediate action, COP21 delegates agreed to appoint two climate champions” between 2016-2020, who will be selected successively from outgoing and incoming Presidencies of the annual UN climate change conference. This year, the champions are from France (COP21) and Morocco (COP22). The champions released a Global Climate Action Agenda focusing especially on coordinating the work of state and non-state actors.

“In particular, we will be encouraging a stronger connection between voluntary coalitions and initiatives, national action plans and, in particular, nationally determined contributions (NDCs) of Parties, and the implementation of the sustainable development goals,” states the Agenda.

“We need everybody. No government, no city, can act alone,” declared French climate champion Ms. Laurence Tubiana. Moroccan champion Ms. Hakima El Haité celebrated “the extraordinary mobilization of civil society.”

Read the Global Climate Action Agenda here:

Wondering how to get involved? Check out our publication Ambition to Action, about how local communities can help contribute to meeting US emissions reduction targets under the Paris Agreement.