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Bridge to a Bright Climate Future: TXIPL in Marrakech for #COP22

Bee Moorhead, Yaira Robinson, and Imaad Khan will be in Marrakech, Morocco for the 22nd annual United Nations global climate negotiations, known as COP22. Leaders from more than 195 countries are expected to attend the November 7-18, 2016 talks, which will build upon progress made at last year’s talks in Paris. Now that the Paris Agreement has been finalized, COP22, which has been termed the "COP of Action," aims to focus on implementation.

This year, Texas Interfaith Power & Light (TXIPL) staff will participate as credentialed observers of the negotiations: Bee and her daughter, Oona, are credentialed through the Presbyterian Church (USA); Imaad is credentialed through US Climate Action Network and is partnering on this initiative with Green Muslims; and Yaira is attending under the auspices of COEJL (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life).

In addition to reporting on the negotiations, Bee and Imaad plan to connect with activists, scientists, and religious leaders from around the world—and they’ll bring real-world climate justice stories home to the Texas faith community through videos, photos, and blog posts in a special series we’re calling “Bridge to a Bright Climate Future.”

Stay tuned for updates and for information about how you and your community can be involved!