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Be Our Partner in Public Witness

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Executive Director

As we come to the close of the year and enter a period of reflection and gratitude, we invite you to join us in looking back at some of the critical issues we've tackled together in the past year. The political discourse in Texas needs voices of faith now more than ever - and we depend on member support to provide robust public witness around our shared values.

Welcoming the Stranger

Texas Impact is an irreplaceable voice for the faith community in making public witness for justice, inclusion, and fairness in our state.

-Bishop Joel Martinez

Our immigrant community in Texas, like many immigrant communities around the world, is undergoing a new and difficult period of uncertainty and stress. Immigrants come to Texas today for the same reasons immigrants have come to our country for generations. They are looking for a better life, fleeing economic injustice, climate devastation, and other dangers in their home countries.

As a strong voice for the mainstream faith communities of Texas, we joined forces with many others at the Capitol to oppose SB 4, one of the cruelest anti-immigrant bills our state has seen in many years.

With your vocal support we resisted this hateful anti-immigrant legislation, but our efforts fell short. The bill passed with the addition of a burdensome "show your papers" provision, later becoming law.

But we will not stop in the fight for justice for our immigrant brothers and sisters.

At this moment we are continuing the fight in the courts. Texas Impact and many of our member institutions joined amicus briefs in the court cases challenging SB 4, showing the harm it has created for immigrant families who no longer feel safe to participate in the religious life of their community.

We ask you today to be our partner in public witness so that we can be the voice of Texas' mainstream faith communities together at the Texas Capitol. Join or renew your membership with Texas Impact today. Together we will continue to advocate for justice deeply informed by our shared religious values and traditions.

In session or out of session, in Austin and around the state, Texas Impact is proud to work on your behalf, standing up for the shared values and priorities of our state's diverse faith traditions and amplifying your voice at the Capitol and in your local community.

Give Today!

Thank you for your faithful participation in democracy, your support for Texas Impact, and everything you do for Texas. With your help, we can continue our 44-year mission, engaging people of faith in the work of justice.