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Speaker Topics

Texas Impact staff are available to speak around the state about the following topics:

Faith in Democracy

Faith in Democracy presentations explore the religious underpinnings of our engagement in public policy as people of faith, as well as the practical “how to” aspects of actively participating in civic life. These “how to” aspects can include holding an issue forum in your congregation, writing a letter to the editor, and/or scheduling a visit to your legislator’s district office, among others. Learn more here.

Climate & Sustainability

Climate & Sustainability presentations can include the basics of climate change and how it will affect Texas; exploring food choices, waste, and justice; and what we can do at the congregational and community level to protect God’s creation. Learn more here


Water presentations offer information about water issues in Texas and in your local area, as well as ways to get involved in Texas’ regional water planning process and our “Water Captains” program. Learn more here.

Forced Migration/Humanitarian Response

Forced Migration/Humanitarian Response presentations offer information about asylum-seekers from Central America, including unaccompanied minors; family detention centers; humanitarian response efforts; and emergency response and preparedness. Learn more here.

Texas Gun Laws

Texas Gun Laws presentations focus on the open-carry legislation that passed during the 2015 legislation, and the ways it affects houses of worship. Learn more here.

Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty presentations discuss the uniquely American challenge is to maintain “equal liberty.” Equal liberty means that no individual enjoys special rights or unfettered liberty to abridge the equal liberty of another. Special rights—for any individual or group—under the guise of religious liberty would be tyranny by another name. As an organization that represents many different denominations and faiths, Texas Impact celebrates the First Amendment as a model for the world. The Founding Fathers pioneered the radical idea that all religions should be equal before the law, and the religiously vibrant and diverse nation we live in today shows the genius in their vision. Learn more here.