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Y'all Means All: Discrimination Has No Place in Texas Responses

Letter Signatures

  • Free Ramsey Muñiz NOW!
  • This "bathroom bill" is unkind, imprudent, and discriminatory. Please spend your legislative time and money on something that benefits all the residents of this state.
  • As a fourth generation Texan I find the current political attitudes toward schools, bathroom bills, sanctuary cities to be in conflict with the values by which I was raised. There is too much overreach in to private lives and insufficient regulation of big business.
  • As a Texas public high school teacher, such legislation as this "Bathroom Bill" adversely affects some of my most marginalized students at a time in their lives when they feel most vulnerable. This legislation would tell them that the state does not care for them, nor does it support them. I oppose and reject this bill because it singles out people based on sex and gender identity.
  • I hold a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Divinity School and passed my ordination exams with flying colors. Although I chose to change careers I have a thorough understanding of the Bible and of interpretations thereof. There is absolutely nothing to support discriminating against individuals who are born differently from the majority. In fact, the good book clearly states that we are to put these individuals first. The faith community that says otherwise is no different from other faith communities who uses their holy scripture and supposed following of a faith to support their hatred. None of the world's holy scriptures support this behavior. These people only cause non-believers to turn against religion. I am Christian and do not support any type of bathroom bill.
  • There have been no occasions of transgender individuals assaulting anyone in restrooms. Our own US Senators wreak way more havoc in restrooms than people just trying to relieve themselves. It is an embarrassment that such ignorance is even coming across as potential legislation. What would Jesus do, indeed?
  • Discriminatory legislation is not Christian and I oppose it.
  • I'm a white, middle-class, middle-aged, heterosexual mother who is sick and tired of hearing about elected Texas officials trying to pass legislation that discriminates against people of color, homosexuals, transsexuals and others. I believe that Jesus' Number One commandment was to Love One Another. There is no crisis in bathroom usage, and YOU ARE WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY in trying to pass legislation to satisfy somebody's hateful urge to harm transgendered/transsexual people. I have small children, and I am far more worried about the harm inflicted on them from eliminating or weakening environmental protections than I am about the wrong person going into a bathroom when they are in it. Our church has a unisex restroom; my children's school has unisex restrooms; my home has unisex restrooms; never have I worried about my fellow restroom users. Please stop the discriminatory legislation and work on serious issues, like cleaning up Texas' air and water, and raising taxes on corporations so that families are not entirely priced out of the central areas of our cities due to property taxes!
  • Let's do what we can to promote peace, understanding of, and respect for, all people of good intention. There is no good reason to encourage hate and disrespect.
  • Children are not having problems sharing the bathrooms. Our focus should be on improving education, not creating problems that don't exist.
  • The passage of this discriminatory legislation will mark Texas business, arts, and tourism for years to come. Polls show that the citizens of Texas overall do not agree with it -- so when our economy and talent pools suffer as a result, we will know who to hold responsible, Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick and their cohorts.
  • Women and children will not be safer in public bathrooms based on this bill passing. Ridiculous.
  • Legislation about this is unnecessary - and deeply harmful to many. Please reject it
  • All of us were created equal...and that means ALL of us.
  • I attend First United Methodist of Austin
  • Passing discriminatory legislation like the so-called "bathroom bill" is an insult to Texans everywhere. I would hope the Texas Legislature would put an end to the hatemongering demonstrated by our governor and lieutenant governor and stop threatening those who are most vulnerable.
  • The "bathroom bill" is the opposite of loving your neighbor as yourself and is a direct assault on some of our most vulnerable children.
  • I am a member & volunteer at University UMC, and a volunteer at Smithville UMC. I am appalled that many of our Texas law makers are using "christianity" as a reason to support the bathroom bill. Discrimination and hatred are NOT Christian values.
  • For many years I was a leader in Jacksonville's First United Methodist.
  • I bring a perspective that results from my life-long habit of studying the Bible and attending worship and doing mission in the community and across the border. Nothing in my faith tradition leads me to believe that vulnerable people in our society should be made to be singled out for harassment. I am a woman who is quite sure she has shared a bathroom with a transgendered person, and it has never caused the slightest problem. This legislation is not solving a problem that exists; it is harming the vulnerable. I am ashamed of my legislators who support it.
  • The bathroom bill is based on hate and ignorance. It is bad for business and cruelly targets a vulnerable group of people for no good reason. No true Christian should support such a mean spirited law which is totally lacking the love and grace taught by our Lord and Savior.
  • Y'All does mean All and we ALL need to step out on the side our LGBTQ friends and family. Discrimination is a learned behavior. Let's quit teaching it.
  • This proposed legislation creates a culture of hate, violence and even death. People of faith must reject this hate-driven, discriminatory legislation that is purely politically motivated. Imagine a child struggling to understand their gender who is then singled out by adults claiming to have their best interests at heart.
  • Men and women do not need protection from transgender persons who are seeking to use restrooms. Do you really want to require a person who was born female but has become a male with a heavy beard to use the ladies room? This bill is a solution seeking desperately for a problem that does not exist. Vote no.
  • There are many citizens of Texas who have felt a strong tendency to change their sexual orientation from what it was at their birth. Those who have acted upon this tendency have made such a change at a significant cost and at the risk of being shunned by their family and friends. To me, that demonstrates their sincerity in taking the steps necessary to change their sexual orientation. Unless they deliberately molest or spy on someone, I think they should be allowed to use the bathroom of their new sexual orientation without harassment.
  • This bill harms individuals and creates fear. Do not legislate the bathroom use of peace loving individuals.
  • It is my Christian faith that demands that I treat all people - regardless of their creed, the color of their skin, sexual identity or preference, or disability, as equals. It is also the best way to get along with neighbors. I wish everyone in my community could do the same. That is the Texas of my dreams!
  • People should not be discriminated against for a condition with which they were born. Most transgender people begin to be so in early childhood, and suffer greatly in our culture, especially when entering adolescence. As an early childhood teacher for many years I have seen it. I've seen some boys preferring what we normally associate with girls, and vice versa for girls. Sometimes people try to shame it out of them, but it's so much healthier for them to be allowed to be who they really are. We're not talking about cross dressers, men pretending to be women for fun or for trickery. That happens much later in life, and can be, though not necessarily, a perversion. Transgender people are creations of God and should be respected as such.
  • I long for a legislature that is not fear-based. I long for a legislature that sees the world as a place of beauty and opportunity, not a place full of evil and filth that need to be eradicated. I long, LONG for a legislature that wants to serve the people of this state, even love them, all of them.
  • Being transgender is not a sickness, it is not a sin, and it is certainly not dangerous to the public. It is simply the way some people are, and they deserve to use the restroom just like everybody else.
  • I wish all the Texas Legislators could have read the article published in the National Geographic on transgender, then maybe the highly held Christian beliefs would allow them to be more tolerant and have more empathy to these individuals. Transgender are not perverts as the legislators believe they are. Let you Christian value show through and do not pass this discrimatory bil
  • This bill is a disaster for Texas. North Carolina lost over $5 billion dollars in business and that's a conservative estimate. The losses will be at least 10 times worse in Texas due to our size. This is a manufactured issue that is divisive and sheds a bad light in our state.
  • As a teacher who has worked with kids for over a decade, I have seen the pain and sometimes death that our society's antichristian discrimination against LGBTQ people can cause. It hurts my heart to see people who believe that they are serving God do everything in their power to destroy God's most important message of love and push people away from our faith by supporting laws that hurt these people.
  • There are issues that are important to the state of TX; this bathroom bill is NOT
  • My faith calls me to LOVE all and stand up against hate, whether I agree or disagree with them. This bathroom bill is nothing but hateful, untrue rhetoric that will negatively impact the vulnerable among us.
  • We are ALL God's beloved children. To legislate discrimination against minority populations who are already vulnerable is despicable.
  • From Southern Spain (before the Inquisition) to Sarajevo (before Balkanization), history is replete with the success that cultural diversity has on local economies, scientific and artistic advances etc. - at least until messages of fear and hate from political or religious leaders take hold.
    We urge you to be a part of leading the way to cultural and religious diversity so that ALL Texans can benefit from its many proven benefits. For all of your constituents.
    Thank you for reading this.
  • Either honor the constitution and have no descriminatory laws or resign.
  • Really. It's easy. Don't run just because you don't get it.
  • Thank you for your work with this significant work.
  • This bill is damaging to our state-- to the people it intends to discriminate against, to businesses, to tourism, and to everyone letting hate guide their actions in attempting to pass it.
  • Please don't let these discriminatory bills pass! Shame on those who believe that God doesn't love everyone.
  • I am a 5th generation Texan, and I was instilled with the Texan motto of friendship. Friendship to all; even those whom we do not understand.
  • It is appalling to me that valuable time is being wasted on this non-issue. Meanwhile we have public schools that are thirsting for adequate state funding. Please vote this bathroom bill down and get on to real issues that affect all Texans.
  • We are called to live in abundance, welcome and joy, not in fabricated fear.
  • When we all meet our Maker in glory, I don't believe they'll ask us, "Did you make sure that transgender and gender non-conforming people were denied access to public bathrooms, and that trans children and youth were forced to choose between being dehydrated all day or drinking water and having to face potential bullying and violence in their school bathrooms because of discriminatory 'bathroom bill' legislation." Nah. I think the Holy One will ask us, "Did you feed my sheep?"
  • Let us all remember the Declaration of Independence on this Independence Day. All are created equal and possess the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Please....Do No Harm!
  • Stop legislating arch conservative Southern Baptist religious beliefs into law.
    Keep it in your church.
  • Important to us to stop all this phobic hatefulness toward "others" whether with sanctuary issues or gender bias as public policy. Let local decision makers govern regarding those who contribute in their communities' wellbeing and let schools oversee their own students. Such politics as we see in this legislature are disruptive to the finest in our common life! Frank H. and Karen P. Dietz
    K: retired teacher and active lay person
    F: retired pastor/teacher and former Executive Director of Texas Conference of Churches ('82-'95)
  • "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." John 11:12 And "... the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23. If these are criteria for practicing Christianity, how can we pass a "bathroom bill" and still claim we are Christian?
  • I am in a Christian Mother's of LGTBQ children group and I hear first hand the countless stories of the scary sad struggle young children go through. These children are born with bodies that don't match up to the gender they know for certain at a young age they are meant to be. Our government should not pass laws that cause more discrimination and suffering to these innocent vulnerable children as well as to grown transgender people who have already struggled enough to live with dignity. As a Christian who has read and studied the Bible extensively, I believe if the Christ I've come to know were here today, he would be saddened by this bathroom bill.
  • I am the Spiritual Growth Advocate for the Central Texas Conference United Methodist Women.
  • I am active in my church: committees that include fellowship and social justice, and a worship leader. The first UU principle is believing in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Despite what our government leaders' religious beliefs are, they represent all Texans which should include protecting the worth and dignity of those with whom they differ.
  • Our state faces real challenges, adequate and fairly funded public schools, access to health care, and early childhood education. In the United States, Texas is not a leader and comes last in all major categories when it comes to taking good care of its citizens. God cares about our neighbors and as Texans we are at our best when we do too. Micromanaging the toilets of 27 million Texans is a waste. We urge Texas lawmakers to get to work dealing with issues that face real Texans and to reject any law that does not draw us closer together. The toilet bill scapegoats vulnerable and marginalized people by cowering to fear and spreading imagined threats to the public. Texas has never been in favor of big government telling people how to do things and the toilet bill does just that. When the legislature is in our bathrooms telling us what to do - Texas we have a problem.
  • As President of the Lord of Life Lutheran Church Congressional Council, I want it known that we are also a member of the RIC. Which means we welcome all members of the LGBTQ community. We are all equal in the eyes of our Lord and as such feel that discrimination is wrong. We have fought this battle to long and it needs to end by our Texas Legislature saying "No more" and "enough is enough ".
    Hear our pleas and support our wishes.
  • The Gospels indicate that Jesus was open and accepting of the people of his time who were considered unacceptable. How can we do less?
  • It's staggering that this legislation is even being considered. It is not needed. Moreover, rather than promoting safety, it stigmatizes and amplifies hateful discrimination.
  • Texas represents a warm welcome, and it has long built its economy and communities and encouraged the contributions of newcomers. It is good leadership and good business for TEXAS to continue to welcoming and encouraging diversity.
  • Thank you Bee and all at Texas Impact!
  • Stop discrimination. We are called to love all our neighbors
  • Stop discrimination. We are called to love all our neighbors
  • I am a mother of three little girls and I am not worried about my children being assaulted in a bathroom by a transwoman. I am worried about school funding, diverse education programs, and an assault on teacher pay and retirement. I am worried about fresh water and clean air. I am worried about access to healthful food in a state prone to drought. Of all these things, I am not worried about a Texan who wants to use the bathroom in peace.

    In addition to being discriminatory legislation, the bathroom bills will negatively impact parents who are caring for special needs children by limiting how those parents can use bathroom facilities with those children. It puts single parents in awkward positions, by not allowing them to determine when their children are old enough to go to the bathroom by themselves. It puts mothers of sons and fathers of daughters (regardless of marital status) in a position where THEY are not determining how best to care for their children. The ancillary impacts of this legislation will impact a wide-range of Texans and it is time to move beyond discriminating against Texans and negatively impacting parents and caregivers.

    Legislation that regulates where people use the bathroom is a distraction from real issues that are facing our state. We need to direct resources toward real problems, and do not need to legislate problems that do not exist. Let's come together to accept and respect all Texans, because that is what we should do.
  • As a Christian pastor who has served for over 30 years, I am appalled by the discriminatory bills being presented during this special session. They are vindictive and clearly out to protect those who have power and oppress many who are in minority groups. LGBT residents of Texas must be able to expect equal and fair treatments by Texas Laws. Immigrants and refugees must find Texas to be a welcoming and safe place to live. Representatives have been elected to protect the rights of all constituents -- especially minority populations who are not respected by Texans who live with privilege.
  • Please quit making problems where there are none. I thought Republicans were supposed to be about NOT intruding in people's lives or wanting excess regulation. It seems the opposite lately.
  • If you ask yourselves how your decisions will affect children and families, refugees, hungry, poor and sick people, and you desire to make their lives better, you will know that you must vote No on the Abbott/Patrick agenda.
  • Singling out an incredibly small yet vulnerable group of people is in no way Christian. I have not met a single person who thinks this bill is a good idea -- and I live in a very conservative area.
  • I am a devout Christian and hate seeing my faith, that teaches love used as an instrument of hate. My faith which should provide solace is causing so much pain and suffering.
  • We have had discrimination more than long enough. Time to end it! Reject discrimination now.
  • The proposed bathroom legislation, if passed, will cause more fear, rather than less.
  • There is no need for this divisive legislation in our state. Please stop wasting time on imaginary problems and leave transgender people to use the appropriate bathroom according to their needs and comfort.
  • The last sentence of the letter bears repeating: "We urge the Legislature to empower every individual in this state by refusing to cower in fear of imagined threats to public safety."
  • I have a former student who is a transgender woman. For Texas to insist that she revert to using a man's restroom is among the most insensitive things I can imagine.
  • Please show our country that Texans believe we are all equal and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Your vote "for" the bathroom bill is a vote for endangering young transgender children and for discrimination.
  • The question of gender identification is not as simple as your law would like to make. There are genetically males with female bodies and females with male bodies from endocrine influences prior to birth. It makes no rational sense to envolve the government in trying to enforce these determinations on individuals.
  • Im so sick of faux christians.
  • This is so important! Discrimination is NOT okay.
  • Christians are called to be tolerant, open, and welcoming to everyone. NOT to humiliate those who are different from ourselves by denying them their privacy and humanity by this so-called "bathroom bill." It was a terrible idea in North Carolina and its a terrible idea here in Texas.
  • The role of the government is to protect the marginalized, not ostracize them. Additionally, we know from the example of North Carolina that discriminatory bills such as this hurt business in the state. Let's keep our focus on growing and strengthening Texas.
  • Please focus on the important issues for Texas citizens like education for our children and healthcare for all of our hard working people instead of "bathroom legislation".
  • This is a bad bill at its core. It discriminates, not only against the LGBTQ community, but against all how hold that God loves all personkind equally.
  • I am a lesbian pastor who works with the aging population. I have found acceptance and love from a family that most stereotype as close-minded or against female ministers and the LGBTQAI++ community. They and I represent a faith and politic that welcomes all and carves space for the immigrant and oppressed among us. I hope that our legislatures will do the work of representing all of us as well.
  • Please give Memorial Drive UMC credit for my wife, Norma, who signed earlier and forgot to put MDUMC down as her congregation. Thank you
  • Let people pee in peace! There are no reports of trans individuals causing problems in bathrooms.
  • Discrimination Has No Place in Texas
  • This legislation isn't going to protect anyone. It will only hurt those who have been marginalized already. Stop this nonsense. There is no need!
  • I am a Deacon at the church and I believe we should follow Jesus' example in loving ALL PEOPLE. Thank you.
  • Don't waste another minute or dollar of our taxpayer money on this needless legislation.
  • Oh, the benevolent sexism. I want to keep predators away from women and children too. And, what about our boys, and men? I have witnessed a predator, encircling my son and myself at the park in his vehicle before trailing in after an elderly man into the men's public restroom. The elderly man fled from the bathroom's back exit desperately pulling up his pants while running and jumping into his truck to escape the attacker. Will this bill keep predators out of the men's bathrooms as it implies it will protect our women? Amongst my circles of mom friends, republican and otherwise, we think the answer lies in creating more single use restrooms for all genders. Or, more family style restrooms. Let my family pee (and poop) in peace. I have a son and a daughter and do not want to worry about having to send my son into the men's restroom where your bill will supposedly be sending all of the predators. What about when my boy becomes of the age it is no longer appropriate for me to drag him along with me into the women's restrooms. Or, how can my husband be of much help to our family when he's only allowed into the predators' designated restroom - how can he help take my children to the restroom safely? Why can he not be allowed to take my kids to the women's restroom where it is "safe?" Why are we putting together a bill for a "safe" room and an "unsafe" room? Why not make all restrooms safe for ALL GENDERS and ALL PEOPLES, irregardless of age, orientation, or gender. Why not a bill here in Texas that mandates: Forget the men’s room and the women’s room; gender will no longer matter when using single-stall public restrooms. I call for more restrooms for single users that are designated all-gender! Restricting access to restrooms by gender will not solve a predator problem and will disproportionately burden the LGBTQ community, women, and parents or caretakers of dependents of the opposite gender. I will support a policy that gives EVERYONE greater privacy and safety in public restrooms, including our boys, men, and the LGBTQ community. Not to mention, not all restroom-attackers are male, as one of my female college friends had to flash her breasts at a women who was verbally berating and physically pulling my friend from a bathroom stall for being in the wrong restroom (or so the offending woman mistakenly thought). Your bathroom bill preventing transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice would not have prevented this physical attack either. Your bathroom bill will cause more attacks like this.
  • This bill seems to be a distraction from really helping the citizens of Texas - rather than rallying together to prevent people from wandering into a specific room, could we please talk about issues that many of us do want to engage in? Real health care choices, open discussion about the environment, and support for arts and culture that could make us leaders in the world, in addition to many other open discussion about the differences we all face when we walk down the street be that color, race, sexual orientation, etc. I appreciate that you want to keep the public safe, but perhaps we don't need to worry about the tiny population you are trying to legislate against, but rather the larger group of us that can't even seem to come to the table to meet in the middle.
  • Please act with compassion.
  • I grew up in the Lutheran church. I am a member of a Presbyterian church. I have attended Catholic services, Baptist, Episcopal and Jewish churches/temple. The attitudes at the Capitol are offensive to anyone with or without religion.
  • Jesus does not command us to seek out people to target, minimize or punish. The "bathroom" legislation does this in a devastating way. There is no need for this bill. Its primary justification seems to be that it will save women from "predators." There are already laws against this. Further, this bill will increase cultural, religious and societal discrimination against a widely misunderstood and demonized group of people.
  • This bathroom bill is ridiculous!!
  • The "bathroom bill" is distracting politicians from vastly more important work that needs to be done. It is a hateful thing and would not be possible to monitor in any event.
  • I believe that Christ is calling us to treat all people with respect and that many issues such as this are best left to local resolution by those who are closest to the situation and can craft a mutually respectful solution.
  • No discriminatory regulations or practices should ever be acceptable.
  • To protect the people? They said the same thing about African Americans, Latinos, Jews, Vietnamese and etc...
    Enough with the hate and discrimination against anyone.
    If those who are for this Bill truly believe that we are God's creation, what gives them the right to question who we are?
    Do they actually believe that they are equal to Him and can question who He created?
    God judges, no one else.
  • My cousin died of AIDS because he worried what his family would think. How will you respond the trans children who are singled out for embarrassment at school or at public places.
  • Raised Presbyterian - fellow-traveler with Parkway Presbyterian mother and friends
  • As a Christian, I reject discrimination in all its forms, and this is discrimination. This will be harmful to members of the trans community.
  • There is enough hate in the world without adding to it with legislation that promotes and legalizes discrimination and hate.
  • Thank you for your consideration! BTW, please stop all the hating...
  • Please do not encourage the bigotry and discrimination that this bill sets forth.
  • For many, many years I have been a Communion Minister and a Lay Reader at my Church. BUT . . . my daughter was one of the youngest in Austin to come out as a gay person while she was still in high school. I still don't really understand gay and bisexual lives, but I love my daughter dearly and thus object to discrimination along gay/straight/transgender lines. As Catholics or Christians or people of other - or no - faiths, we should all do all we can to make their lives easier and more comfortable. It's the right and caring thing to do. Ours is not to judge.
  • As the widow of a Lutheran pastor, I am saddened and disheartened by the lack of empathy for transgender people by Texas legislators. I am especially concerned about transgender children who want nothing more than to be who they are. These are children at risk of suicide due to the lack of acceptance by the communities around them. Passing a law that further diminishes their quality of life is unconscionable. All transgender people should be able to use the bathroom of their choice. Show some love, practice some justice.
  • Jesus Christ was/is the essence of tolerance. He is my shepherd.
  • As a community college English professor, I have taught a number of transgender students who need equal access to restrooms. I have taught trans women who wear dresses and makeup. There is no way they can feel comfortable using a men's restroom. I have taught trans men who fear the responses of women in a women's restroom. We should not force transgender persons to use restrooms that do not match their chosen gender. Please vote "no" on bathroom bill legislation that makes using the restroom difficult for transgender people. Incidentally, we also have transgender persons in my United Methodist church. They are devout, Bible-reading Christians who teach classes and attend church regularly. Please do not discriminate against transgender persons. Supporting a bathroom bill violates the principles of compassion and kindness embodied in all major religious traditions. There is no justification for supporting a bathroom bill.
  • stop this insanity on bathroom laws. These bathroom laws show only hate and protect no one.
  • Not only is this an unChristian way to treat our sisters and brothers made in the image of God, cost the state millions of dollars, destroy our reputation, and create anger and animosity, it is completely unenforceable. Who will be standing guard at rest rooms when visitors enter schools for extracurricular activities, for example?
  • This is not just offensive to Christians, it is offensive to EVERYONE!

    Imagine being a man taking a pee in a urinal, when a VERY feminine person walks in?

    Imagine being a woman, helping her little kid get through bathroom duties, when a VERY masculine person walks in?

    I don't care WHAT "faith" you are, such a sight would be disconcerting.


    Katie Johnsonius
  • My family and I oppose any "bathroom" legislation that may single out or discriminate against transgender school children or others. I work in an elementary school and have 2 children, so understand the harmful effects this type of legislation would have on our children, communities and the reputation of the state as a whole. Let's not allow this discriminatory law to be our legacy.
  • Please let kindness and love be your guide.
  • Let's protect the dignity and rights of ALL Texans, particularly transgendered people who are the most persecuted and marginalized of all our fellow citizens!
  • God is love. No exceptions.
  • People just want to be able to use the restroom. Anyone who thinks it is more than that, is perverted, themselves. I only go in, use the restroom, wash my hands, and leave. If I have clothed person next to me, i don’t care the gender. Applying the idea they are all perverted is applying the same idea that was used on gay men, like myself.
  • Stop wasting time, energy, and money looking for problems that do not exist or trying to create issues that the majority of Texans do not support.
  • Equality, in all its forms, is necessary for peace in all its forms.
  • Bathrooms in most of the world are not regulated as to gender. Let's get real.
  • It seems curious to me that the "religionesques" who howl the loudest for these absurd, non-essential bills are the same groups who don't want to do the "heavy lifting" of religious faith, namely taking care of "the least of these" whether medically, nutritionally,educationally or in any of the other "spiritual" needs those who won't do exactly as they say need.
  • Enough nonsense legislation! Texas is supposed to mean "friendly!"
  • There are much higher priorities the governor, lt. governor and Legislature should be concerned with, including public education funding, health and human services and the criminal justice system. Spending time on this is a misuse of taxpayer funds. Please. Get to work and solve real problems.
  • Dear Legislator please read the Old Testament book of Micah
  • My faith affirms that every person has inherent worth and dignity.
  • This world, which includes Texas and all of America, was created for all of us to share.
  • This, like numerous other issues (climate change, food labeling, gun regulation, immigration reform, prison reform, education reform, short-term lending regulation, healthcare reform, banking regulation) remains a vexing problem primarily due to corporations' ability to curry favor with elected officials. The corrupting influence of money in our political system is undermining our democratic traditions and discouraging Americans from voting and/or running for office. This ominous development may well end our experiment in representative democracy unless we alter this decades-long trend. For the sake of the republic, we must amend the US Constitution to state that corporations are not people (and do not have constitutional rights) and money is not speech (and thus can be regulated by state and/or federal campaign finance laws). Short of accomplishing this, no other reform of significance will be achieved. The moneyed interests will turn any reform to their benefit, often at the expense of the nation as a whole.
  • There are FAR more important issues we need to address than who goes in which bathroom. Just put full doors and locks on every door in every bathroom (like at BUC-EES) and make them all community bath rooms.
    I just wish that we had spent more time taking care of our Texas teachers than worrying about who goes in which bathroom.
  • The bathroom issue detracts from real issues in Texas, such as public education funding. Stay out of our bathrooms.
  • I moved to Texas 6 years ago to retire. I do Not want to live in a state that discriminates. I taught my children to be inclusive. If I feel this way, how many more people or businesses will leave the state?
  • Y'all means All, so let's take the meanness out of Texas.
  • This bill is a solution in search of a problem. It unfairly targets a vulnerable population. It spreads fear that has no basis in fact. It flies in the face of the way Christ treated marginalized people in the Bible.
  • Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott: we have important REAL problems to deal with in Texas, so STOP NOW wasting any more precious Texas legislative time and resources in promulgating the UNnecessary, UNChristian, UNTexan, SILLY BATHROOM BILL! Shame on you both!
  • Discrimination has NO place in Texas nor our country.
  • This is a non-issue concocted to distract from serious financial reform. Imagine a boy who feels and thinks and sees himself as a girl, forced to use the boy's bathroom. He will be emotionally tortured. We have doors on the toilet spaces. This is not needed.
  • Don't spend my tax money trying to fix a problem which doesn't exist! Why not tackle the problems that are hurting people NOW - pathetic education funding and gun background checks that are like a sieve?? This stuff is just UNWORTHY of TEXAS!!
  • Can't we use our talents and resources to make life better in Texas? There are so many greater needs and opportunities in our state.
  • Please work on meaningful issues that help Texas. There are so many issues with healthcare, discrimination, education that Texans desperately need help with. If we don't get our public education system working, business and our economy will suffer.
  • The Bible teaches us how to treat one another. The exchange in Matthew 22:36-40 (from the New International Version) is clear:
    36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”
    The fear-mongering and discrimination of the proposed legislation advances hate, not love of our neighbors. I urge our elected representatives to focus on legislative priorities that will advance the health, economic well-being and educational opportunities of all Texans.

  • The Bathroom Bill is not about the safety of women, as claimed. It is to discriminate against transgender individuals.
  • I'm a retired public school administrator, including 9 years as a high school principal. I strongly, strongly agree with the thoughts expressed above.
  • True Christians do not divide people - Quote John 3:16 - God so loved the world - all of it, not some of it!
  • I am a conservative Christian mom of a gay son. I also know 2 transgender people that are amazing human beings. We need to STOP marginalizing this community NOW! Stop the fear mongering and start concentrating on the dire emergency of sex trafficking in our state, THAT is the real fear for our children. Thank you!
  • Please, please allow our LGBT people the same rights as all!!
  • Please work with love of all
  • Hate has no place in our great state!
  • As a Pastor, I am called to love and serve those that God has given into my care. If it's true that God created all of humanity in God's image, and I believe that it is, then it is harmful and violent to place such discriminatory restrictions on where a person chooses to do one of the most basic human functions, that of simply going to the bathroom. It is damaging and careless to ask people to live and act in a way that it is anything less than the fullest expression of the person God has created them to be.
  • Legislation that discriminates against a minority group, such as the bathroom bill, is inconsistent with my values as a Christian. The arguments that this bill is designed to protect people are moot. We have adequate statutes on the books that allow law enforcement to prosecute people for assaults and offensive behavior. This bill is designed to inflict humiliation and indignities on a vulnerable population. It is unkind and mean spiritied.
  • Discrimination is unChristian
  • There is no evidence to make us think that transgendered individuals pose any threat to anyone in the bathrooms of Texas. This is a non issue that has been legislated into an issue. As Christians, we must stand with all persons who are at risk of discrimination in our communities.
    Also as a practical matter, this would be an impossible thing to monitor. Would everyone have to carry birth certificates or will some persons be profiled? Who will monitor this?
  • I have friends across the spectrum of LGBTQI identity and am disgusted that our legislative leadership have made the "bathroom bill" a priority based on fear and misinformation, rather than accepting every citizen of our state with dignity and respect.
  • Thank you for reading this and acting to acknowledge our diverse communities and ensure all are welcome.
  • I don't remember Jesus ever being for hate.
  • The bathroom bill most certainly does not reflect the will of the people of Texas! This is a mean spirited biggoted attack on some of the most vulnerable among us. This bill is an expression of hate, not love.
  • The teachings of Jesus are contrary to these hateful, discriminatory bills.
  • This bill is mean and discriminatory.
  • Bathroom legislation is a waste of our time when we have public schools in need our support, resources and energy.
  • There are so many more important issues to be concerned with in this world. Treat everyone equal and do not set in judgement of others.
  • May God protect the most vulnerable among us and may we remember that everyone is made in God's image.
  • Please, No Hate!
  • This issue is just another tactic to try to divide us. Transgender persons have never been a problem. It is the so called "religious" people, or as Jesus would say "hypocrites " that are trying to say it is a safety issue. It os not a safety issue but a subversive discrimination issue.
  • This bill will create new problems, because every time you create a new way to solve LGBT . You are creating more racism. We are a free country you making us less free.
  • Thanks for doing this!
  • Thanks for organizing this!
  • How in the world could this legislation be enforced?!
  • Jesus, came so that ALL might have life eternal. Jesus, said Love Thy neighbor. He did not qualify who was our neighbor. All persons are our neighbors. If our heart has one glimmer of hate it is filled with hate. Please do not allow Texas to be filled with hate. In Texas we are filled with love. Our Mottos says Friendship. How can we keep that and have laws that don't model that Spirit.
  • I am a public school teacher who interacts with transgender youth on a daily basis. There is absolutely NO REASON for this legislation other than discrimination. If you have experience with transgender people, you know this to be true.
  • All humans are created equal. End of story.
  • I also work as the Communications Manager for the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).
  • This hateful has NOTHING to do with the Christ in which I believe
  • I believe in supporting the marginalized of our communities. Better healthcare. More acceptance of different beliefs and different world views. I do not support legislating and wasting tax payer money on bills such as this. There are so many more important issues to be considering than worrying about bathrooms.
  • Our elected leaders have the obligation to protect the civil rights of all people. I hope that the Texas Legidlature steps up to carry out that obligation and defeats the "bathroom bill".
  • I stand with humanity, as every Muslim should.
  • Our legislators need to get out of the toilets. The entire bathroom bill is just pandering to ignorance and bigotry and does not serve Texas. Such legislation makes Texans seem undereducated, petty, and mean ; not factors that will promote success or growth in our state. We should focus on EDUCATION. We should make Texans the smartest people in the country.
  • The proposed "bathroom bill" is not only discriminatory, it is a disgrace to our state. Most of us want to accept people of all races, religions--and sexes and genders. We are NOT in danger from any transgender individuals--they are in danger from people who bully them. Furthermore, most businesses are opposed to this bill. There is absolutely NO reason to pass this bill!
  • Member of Reconciling Ministries, an organization fighting to have total gender equality in the church.

    Also, the grandmother of a wonderful gay grandson!!
  • As a Methodist, I grew up believing we should strive to love and respect everyone in this world. I see nothing of that love and tolerance in this bathroom bill -- only small-minded bigotry and political pandering.
  • I am NOT clergy. I am privileged to be the Faith Community Nurse @Trinity, as well as a member since 1974.
  • Please vote NO on the proposed "bathroom legislation" . Thank You. Scott
  • We are ONE.
  • This bill is absolutely not necessary and runs counter to Texas values!
  • As an educator, a Quaker, and a human being meddling with the rights of individuals to choose the bathrooms suited to their gender identity is abhorrent and distinctly against the American ethic. We are a nation founded on freedom from persecution, though we have often failed on that front.

    Please support those who most need our love and our alliance.
  • You are protecting no one with a bathroom bill. There have been zero problems caused by transgender people in bathrooms. There have been problems with bigots causing disturbances by attacking or bullying people they believe to be transgender. Maybe anti bullying legislation might be in order. Where is Molly Ivan's??? She could speak to this issue!!!
  • Please vote NO on the proposed Bathroom Bill. Every person is created in God's image no matter their sexual orientation. We should care for the safety and well-being of all people as part of God's creation. This bill would do more harm to more people especially children if enacted. Our focus should be on improving our schools for the education of all children who are future leaders and workers.
  • We welcome all in our community of faith, love, and service.
  • There is NO evidence in terms of crime that such a law is needed. Other states have no bathroom bill and have not had sexual attacks connected to transgender people.
  • My Christian faith does not support laws which isolate or discriminate against anyone, much less vulnerable populations.
  • I am a committe chair in church and a retired professor who knows that every person has a right to use the restroom with which she or he identifies.
  • Please do not pass the bathroom bill!
  • This law is a "legal" way to discriminate. It is not the legislature's job to be bathroom police. Please tend to more important business such as making sure all Texas children have access to free public education, and making sure that the vulnerable among us have access to health care. Please stay out of the bathroom!!
  • The proposed legislation will have especially harmful effects on children. There is clear scientific evidence that (1) children are not immune to public debates that marginalize classes or categories of people; (2) bullying in schools is more frequent, and is more likely to target marginalized groups, during political debates such as this one; (3) experiences of bullying, victimization, or other marginalization in schools and communities is a clear driver of compromised health, and of health disparities for minority populations; and (4) all children, not just the targets of bullying, are affected by a climate of discrimination. The proposed legislation will clearly undermine the well-being of Texas children.
  • This bill is a solution searching for a problem. Sexual harassment, assault and rape are already crimes under our existing laws; even if it were true that transgender persons or persons posing as transgender were significantly more likely to commit these crimes in a bathroom than the average Texan (it isn't true), those actions are already outlawed.

    Second, this bill in patently unenforceable. How will it be enforced? Will police conduct sting raids, kicking in the doors of bathroom stalls to make certain that everyone inside has the "correct" body parts to be permitted to use the facilities? Will police be authorized, encouraged or even required to harass anyone they "suspect" may be transgendered on the way into a public restroom? How would the day-to-day enforcement of this law work, and what method of enforcement could possibly avoid entering the realm of the absurd or the abusive?

    Third, even setting aside the non-existence of the "problem" it proposes to solve and the practical impossibility of enforcing it, the crowning tragedy is that the enactment of this bill would, in reality, *create* exactly the problem that it claims to exist to solve. This bill says that a trans woman, living and identifying as a woman in all respects of her life, would be compelled by law to use men's public restrooms, putting her in precisely the vulnerable position that the bill pretends to aim at getting women out of. Or, on the other hand, a trans man, living and identifying as a man, would be ordered to use the women's restroom, where (looking and acting like a man) he would doubtless make most of the women trying to use the same facility very uncomfortable and probably end by getting arrested by the police--- whereupon he would have to produce his birth certificate and explain that, under Texas law, he must use the women's restroom.

    This bill is absolute folly, and it has no business occupying the legislature's time and energy, much less becoming actual law. Please seriously reconsider the (absence of) evidence supporting the motivations for the "Bathroom Bill" and take a minute to imagine what its enforcement and obedience to it would really look like.
  • I'm not clergy, but I am a Deacon. I assume that qualifies me as a "religious leader." I urge you to read and consider every point in this excellent letter. The "bathroom bill" has always been a solution in search of a problem and would actually create problems where none exist. The business community has already spoken quite loudly to this. Please don't let false issues of "safety" or "morality" blind you to the serious issues we face as a state. Please do NOT pass any version of this completely unnecessary bill, most ESPECIALLY in the name of religion!
  • As the father of a gay son; and, having been involved with the LGTB support group at St. Peter's since it's inception, I am firmly convinced that those who espouse the claims of unfounded dangers associated with unrestricted public restroom use really have nothing to fear but themselves! There are no data to support their outrageous claims. I seem to recall that at one time that such fears were referred to as "Fear of the Unknown." Surely, the Texas Legislature has more important issues that need to be addressed than one of supposition.
  • For me, living in community with others means living in community with everyone. Like everyone I want to live in a community where I can feel safe, keep myself as healthy as possible and be a productive member of the community. Legislation and civic planning need to preserve and protect such desires for all people.
  • Dan Patrick is a very bigoted person and I feel so sorry for his family! He is one of the most un-Christian people that I have ever known! We need to seriously get him out of public office. He is a menace to good Christians all over the world. He should get down on his knees and ask our loving God to please forgive him for what he is advocating for so many of God's children. I am a very active member of Memorial Drive United Methodist Church and have also attended Chapelwood and Grace Presbyterian Churches.
  • I am a life-time active person of faith, Christian first, Catholic, second. I have never heard my church teaching or it's spirituality as permission to or endorsement of any kind of judgement or discrimination against people for any personal differences. Being homosexual or transgender is not a "sexual preference" - it is a birth status out of the choice of any person. Discrimination because of that, because of race, personality, intellectual ability, wealth, gender ALL ARE CONTRARY to any religious faith that is honestly called "Christian".
  • the State Legislature's efforts, including SB4, to pass exclusionary and threatening rules against immigrants contradicts everything in the Christian scriptures about giving aid to visitors, foreigners, neighbors, people in need. Many, many undocumented immigrants have come here when US laws and the enforcement of regs were supporting foreign workers with a long and lazy process for obtaining "papers". Others have been trying for years and years to "legalize their presence in the USA, but been obstructed by our own regs and processes. Please STOP all efforts to pass SB4 and any other legislation to punish immigrants and separate families!
  • Local school districts, local businesses, cities, and state parks can make the appropriate decisions about the use of their restrooms.
  • Who cares about the education of our youth; the health of our poor, women, children, and disabled; a broken prison system, a broken Children's Protective System, a broken Elder Protective system? Well, Jesus Christ does, but our state legislature and state-wide leadership spend hours protecting our bathrooms from nothing!!
  • What a shame! With so many real problems to solve in state business our Leaders, Gov. Abbott and Lieut. Gov. Patrick are standing the bathroom door as if they were George Wallace in the schoolhouse door! There are real problems that need solving that really impact the future of Texas!
  • I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Period. No exceptions. And I feel especially protective of the dignity of young, vulnerable LGBTQ persons. The TX legislature needs to turn away from this ridiculous act and toward legislation that cares for TX citizens.
  • I am lay leader and involved in inter faith work. Let's build a state free of the wars people try and leave behind.
  • All are adopted children of God. I have the impression that women's restrooms use only privacy booths not urinals like in the men's restroom. If I am correct, how are genitalia exposed by anyone for another's viewing. Otherwise, around the sink as an example, being in the restroom is like being anywhere else in public. How is this harmful to anyone's psyche? The only psyche being assailed is that of the transgender individual. Let's care for everyone rather than imagining harm that isn't in danger.
  • This is a solution looking for a problem that current law already addresses. Legislators valuable time should be focused on school funding and fully funding state agencies that serve the people.
  • I support inclusive policies that provide quality public education, which means school finance reform and no public money in private schools. I support access to health care and reproductive health care; I am pro-Planned Parenthood. I support providing legal pathways to undocumented immigrants in our country and oppose deportation; I support the ability of cities and neighborhoods to choose in matters of trees, plastic, bags, and property taxes. I oppose SB 6, as does the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry.
  • Transgender people using the bathroom they are most comfortable with is no threat to anyone. Just let people pee in peace.
  • I recently moved to Texas from North Carolina where I watched first hand as similar legislation cost residents jobs and income from events. The people of North Carolina were divided, people in the non-binary community were terrified and it made us a national embarrassment only to have the rule overturned in the end. Please don't subject the people of Texas to the same ridicule, fear and division for a law that does not offer any sort of additional safety to anyone and will end up costing the state money and jobs.
  • Follow Jesus' words and actions.
  • Please do not waste another minute on legislation regarding non-existent threats from transgendered people, when healthcare is a huge life-or-death matter looming before us! Let's work together to help our citizens who cannot for basic preventive healthcare.
  • I am a member of First Baptist Church of Austin
  • Rogues in the Capitol bathrooms, or taxpayers all? Who are you thinking to catch? We just can't have this
    anti-Texan behavior of discrimination when we don't even have limits on guns in the bathrooms.
  • This is an unnecessary and dangerous path to follow. It will assuredly lead to forms of discrimination we neither need nor want.
  • I moved from Austin last year, but lived in Texas for 20 years altogether. I visit still and continue to hold out hope.
  • As a teacher for fifty years I have always strived to treat all students with equal concern and compassion, regardless of faith, sexual orientation, gender, skin color, and physical attributes. I ask our elected representatives and leaders to please give equal respect and concern for all citizens.
  • The "bathroom bill," in addition to being a job killer (as is already happening), is unnecessary. There are already laws against assault, whether by transgender individuals or not. Also, transgender people are more likely to be the targets of violence rather than the perpetrators.
  • Why don't you ever include us atheists who work very hard to better our communities for all people
  • God does not discriminate, so God's people should not discriminate. It is better for legislators to focus on issues that truly impact the lives and futures of all Texans, as in fully funding public education, not on restricting access to bathrooms.
  • Please do not sign this bill into law! It smacks of exclusivity and hatred. Texas is better than this! We accept and welcome all!
  • We need to address concerns that really matter and not divert attention to meaningless, trumped up fear mongering.
  • The so-called "bathroom bills" are not needed, not enforceable, and discriminatory no matter how you word them.
    Legislation needs to focus on real problems, the common good, and common sense. The bathroom bills do not fit any of that criteria.
  • I hope before you take any votes, you'll consider 3 things:
    1. Is this "doing justice and loving mercy"?
    2. Is this "doing to the least of these" what you would do to God?
    3. Is this "doing to others what you would have them do to you"?
    Lastly, you might take a stroll down Brazos, to the corner of 8th & Brazos and contemplate the sculpture there. It is of "Homeless Jesus." (The Pope has one just like it, in fact, we got "bumped" back so he got his just before us.) Look at that, and think of the "least of these"- this statue helps to remind us that we are all beloveds of God, ALL OF US.
  • Please oppose the so-called "bath room bills." They are discriminatory, serve no useful purpose including safety and privacy, and are keeping our state government from dealing with issues that truly do matter.
  • Passing a ridiculous bill like this would make us a laughing stock in the rest of the country and around the world. Why ever would we need to regulate something like this?? Fear seems to be a powerful motivator for the legislators in Austin.
  • There is no rational reason for a "bathroom bill" other than to support certain persons' political ambitions through grandstanding. This will hurt Texas' image. It will hurt local and state economies. It will hurt people, a minority, yes, but still people. Many of them children. These issues are best handled at the local level as opposed to "decrees from Austin," as my State Rep. Lynn Stuckey told me as we discussed the role of local government as the foundational unit of democracy.

    This is a manufactured problem with no basis in reality. It's only purpose is to score political points at the expense of a misunderstood and vulnerable population. Plain and simple, it is bullying and an overreach for political grabbing. The laws as they stand now are sufficient without layerying discrimination upon them.
  • I serve victims of violence especially interpersonal violence.
  • q\Quit wasting your time on ridiculous bills like this. Do some good and important work for our safety.
  • I am a parent of an adult transgender daughter and oppose the bathroom bill. It strips them of their human rights.
  • I am amazed that our lawmakers' time is consumed with which bathroom someone uses. I have yet to hear any evidence that there are risks to anyone when transgender persons to use one bathroom or the other. This is not a bill about safety for anyone. Our transgender folks are the ones at risk here. This is an attempt to promote hatred of those who are different. This discussion alone gives "permission" to bullies that transgender people are a good and justified target. Why can't our legislature and governor spend their precious time on things that need to be accomplished to make Texas a better place instead of things that make Texas look like we are backward and discriminatory?
  • This bill does not represent my values a Christian or citizen!
  • As a church leader, I do not condone spending valuable legislative time on these emotionally-charged social issues , particularly those that are discriminatory and hurtful to those who have the least. These issues runs counter to the Gospel in my opinion and faith tradition.
  • We need to protect our children.
  • Our daughter has "come out" as lesbian within last two years. It has made me aware of the importance of avoiding discriminatory legislation. Showing respect to lgbt benefits us all.
  • Jesus didn't discriminate. Y'all means all. Period.
  • The Christian tradition is much larger than that of the fundamentalist evangelicals who support this legislation. As a Christian of the Lutheran tradition, I do not! It is not about safety, but about the discrimination against a group of people. Jesus was inclusive and accepting of all. I am a member of a Reconciling in Christ Congregation. I am a Texan and am deeply embarrassed by this legislation. I am a follower of Jesus and am deeply offended that some call this a Christian act.
  • Fear and hate have no place in our country. We need leaders that pull us all together not divide us.
  • We as Texans should treat others with dignity and respect always. Bigotry begets bigotry.
  • Please, please, please do not pass this harmful legislation.
  • I support letting individuals use whichever "bathroom" they identify with not the sex at birth! God does not make mistakes. Mind your own business and the business of the State of Texas, not the pettiness of a few narrow minded, discriminating individuals.
  • This bill is a discredit to Texas.
  • It is time for Texas to be leaders of this nation. Our state is known for being friendly, leaders in just about everything, and for our greeting "Y'all". Look at that word we use -see that "all"? That's what we mean "ALL" are created equal and " ALL y'all" means everyone; not this group, or that group; not just Longhorns and Aggies; or just Republicans or Democrats. Our state stands for "y'all" -and that means ALL.
  • This is ridiculous -- an imagined threat to public safety, a solution looking for a problem. I urge you to vote against the bathroom bill and spend your time on significant problems.
  • Politics and legislation growing out of misplaced fear or hate have no place at any level of government. Loving your neighbor applies to all people, not just the ones selected by a single group no matter its size, popularity, or power. This is the very foundation of the First Amendment and many other parts of our Federal and State constitutions or laws.
  • Discrimination, bigotry and manufactured bias and hatred have no place in Texas.
  • Bathroom bill responds to NO PROBLEM. Not Needed!
  • I have a number of transgender woman friends and have no fear of going to the bathroom with them or any other transgender woman. There are adequate laws on the books to protect women and men from predatory actions.
  • I am a youth.
  • I am ever curious why this legislation would even be a thing. Can someone please tell me when I was supposed to feel unsafe in a restroom? Because, of the places I have felt unsafe, I don't recall a restroom being on that list. This isn't about making women and children safe.
  • Christ died for ALL. God's love is for everyone, not just people who think they're right and refuse to tolerate those who might be a little different.
  • The proposed SB6 "bathroom bill" is unnecessary and absurd. This bill will provide no additional safety to anyone, and may do the opposite. The intent is clearly discriminatory and designed to incite fear so that voters will be swayed to vote for the Republican party. Our legislators need to spend their time fixing real problems like public education funding, CPS care for abused children and lack of affordable health care.