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Y'all Means All: Discrimination Has No Place in Texas

Dear Texas Lawmakers:

As members of Texas faith communities, we represent a large and diverse constituency that cares deeply about this state. We urge you to reaffirm our state’s commitment to welcome all who would call Texas home.

Mainstream faith communities affirm the shared values of respect, dignity, and welcome for every person. Discriminatory legislation that targets individuals based on sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity runs counter to Texan values.

We reject the fear-filled rhetoric and un-American endorsement of discrimination that underlie proposed “bathroom legislation.” This legislation would pose a threat to vulnerable individuals, affirm state-sponsored discrimination, and dismiss the wisdom of local communities.

More than half the nation has rejected this discriminatory legislation. It is not a partisan issue. Republicans and Democrats from every sector of society have rejected the false claim that such legislation is necessary to keep people safe.

We urge you to use your office to protect the vulnerable, instead of targeting the marginalized. We urge the Legislature to empower every individual in this state by refusing to cower in fear of imagined threats to public safety.

With love and appreciation,

Thousands of Texas Faith Leaders and Texans of Faith

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