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05/28/2017 Action Alert: Call Your Senator - Avert a Special Session by Voting on SB 1929 and SB 80

Submitted by Sean Hennigan on Sun, 05/28/2017 - 5:39pm

The Texas Senate and Lt. Governor Patrick are attempting to force a special session by refusing to vote on a pair of bills, SB 1929 and SB 80.

While the 2 bills are administrative and not politically sensitive, if there is a special session it could create another opportunity for supporters of discriminatory and otherwise ill-advised bills to push through their legislation.

The Senate should act responsibly and avert a special session, saving Texas taxpayers millions of dollars and minimizing the potential for passing unrelated legislation rejected by lawmakers in the regular session.

Call your senator and ask them to avoid a special session, which would cost TX taxpayers millions of dollars, by passing SB1929 and SB80.

Click here for a list of toll-free numbers to contact your Senator.

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