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02/27/2017 Action Alert: Keep Texans Healthy with Commonsense Environmental Information and Planning

Submitted by Sean Hennigan on Mon, 02/27/2017 - 8:00am

ACTION ALERT: This legislative session, lawmakers have introduced several bills that would give Texans information about environmental conditions to help them protect themselves, their families, and their communities. From testing water for lead to providing text alerts about toxic emissions, improving technologies can help keep Texans informed and healthy.

The following House bills have been introduced but have not yet been referred to committee or scheduled for public hearings. Texas Impact hopes the bills will get referred and scheduled soon, to increase their chances of passage.

HB 2395 by Collier would require public schools to test their drinking water annually for lead and arsenic, to provide safe drinking water, and to keep parents posted on the safety of their drinking water. 

HB 1927 by Eddie Rodriguez would direct the State Emergency Response Commission to develop a statewide multi-media alert system to let Texans know about toxic emissions in their area.

HB 773 by Johnson would require state agencies to plan and budget for impacts to the agency’s operations and areas of responsibility from climate change, based on information and predictions from the Texas State Climatologist.

Take Action: Call your representative and tell them you support these bills and hope to see them get scheduled for hearings soon. Ask your representative to talk to the bill authors and to consider signing on as a co-author or co-sponsor.

Weekly Witness Action Steps

Click here for a list of toll free numbers for House members. Using the toll free numbers allow Texas Impact staff to track how many calls are going in to each office.

Sample Script

Hello, my name is                   and I live in ___________. I am calling to thank Representative     __  for his/her service this Legislative Session and to let you know that I and members of my congregation are praying for the Representative and his/her staff.

As a person of faith (or clergy) I want to urge Representative _______________ to support HB 2395, HB 1927, and HB 773. These commonsense bills would help Texans stay informed about environmental conditions so they can keep themselves and their families healthy.

None of these bills has been referred to committee yet, and we know having co-authors and early support helps get bills moving. I hope you’ll take a look at the bills and talk to the authors, and do everything you can to help get the bills moving so they can have the best chance of passing.

Don’t forget to thank the staff member you are talking to at the end of the call, even if you disagree with their boss on the issue or bill—they are working hard and appreciate being appreciated!

In the past members have occasionally blocked our toll free number because of high call volume from people of faith. We want them to hear your voice, so if you call twice and received busy signals, email and we will update the number.

Weekly Witness Sponsors

Congregations, organizations, businesses or individuals can sponsor up to 19 weeks of legislative briefings to ensure that the 85th Legislature hears from Texans of all faith and cultural backgrounds in order to advocate for the common good at a time when Texas needs it!

Platinum Sponsors:

  • Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church, Houston

  • Members of Friends Congregational Church, College Station

  • Rev. Dr. T. Randall Smith and Rev. Sandra W. Smith