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04/03/2017 Action Alert: Support HB 3027, HB 2948, HB 773

Submitted by Sean Hennigan on Tue, 04/04/2017 - 8:44am

Take action on these important water and environment bills today! Click here for committee call lists.

HB 3027: Regional Water Planning Group Meetings Subject to Open Meeting Rules

Requires that all regional water planning group meetings be subject to Texas open meeting and public information laws.

Texas Impact supports an open and transparent water planning process. All Texans need to understand Texas’ water needs and challenges. Our regional planning process is intended to involve all stakeholders, but it can be challenging for everyday Texans to participate. Water policy often is technical and complex. Maximizing the transparency and clarity of the process and the information planners are considering will help more Texas water stakeholders participate effectively.

Action Steps: Call or write members of House Government Transparency and Operation and urge them to pass the bill out of committee.

HB 2948: Development of an Interregional Water Planning Council (IWPC)

Requires that each regional water planning group nominate one or more members for appointment to the IPWC during each five-year water planning cycle. The council will improve coordination among the sixteen regional water planning groups, facilitate dialogue regarding water management strategies, and share best practices regarding the operation of the regional water planning process.

Texas Impact supports the creation of the IPWC because collaboration between water planning regions can help to prevent conflicting priorities as they develop their respective five-year plans. Each region has unique water needs, demands and supply issues, but increasing communication between regions will go far in preventing parochial concerns from undermining the goals of the state water plan. Regions that may be far apart geographically may influence one another positively with pertinent information and best practices.

Action Steps:

Call or write members of House Natural Resources and urge them to report the bill out of committee.

HB 773: Climate Change Effects in State Agency Strategic Planning

Requires information on the impact of climate change to be included in the strategic plans of a number of state agencies. The information will include projected changes in weather, water availability, and climate variability.

Texas Impact supports this bill because it is vital for state government and its agencies to plan for the realities of global climate change. This bill would improve Texas’ ability to meet human needs in times of natural disaster. It would add tools to the Legislature’s toolbox, and increase coordination among researchers and practitioners. State agencies need to incorporate climate science in their planning to help those communities that rely most on state government.

Action Steps: Call or write members of House State Affairs and urge them to pass the bill out of committee.

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