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04/24/2017 Action Alert: Take Action on Bills This Week!

Submitted by Sean Hennigan on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 11:32am

Handouts from this week's Weekly Witness:

Bills in Committee This Week

Pay Day & Auto Title Lending Reform


  • HB 1134 by Craddick (Makes the city ordinances apply statewide)
  • HB 741 by Bernal (Requires payday lenders to assess a borrowers ability to repay)
  • HB 975 by Giddings (payday lenders cannot threaten criminal prosecution for being unable to pay)
  • HB 3508 by Neave (Prohibits governmental contracts with payday lenders)

House Investments & Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday, April 25


SB 1530 by Estes (Preempts the city ordinances)
SB 2178 by Huffines (Allows payday lenders to sue cities that pass local ordinances)
Senate Business & Commerce Committee hearing Tuesday, April 25



Support HB 3324 by E. Rodriguez
Creates financial incentives for grocers to locate in “food deserts”
House Urban Affairs hearing Tuesday, April 25
Support SB 1696 by Lucio
Requires a study of the school breakfast program
Senate Education hearing Tuesday, April 25


Public Information

Support HB 792 & 793 by Capriglione
Restores public access to information that the Texas Supreme Court limited
House Government Transparency Committee hearing Monday, April 24



Support SB 1587 by Garcia
Requires testing for lead in schools and child care facilities
Senate Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs Committee hearing Monday, April 24


Child Welfare

Support SB 2164 by Zaffirini
Requires DFPS to collect data and report on safety at day-care centers
Senate Health & Human Services hearing Wednesday, April 26

Keep These Bills Moving! Report from Committee ASAP!

HB 2395 by Collier
Requires testing for lead in school drinking water
04-04-17 H Committee action pending House Public Education
HB 3151 by Sheffield
Streamlining Medicaid and CHIP eligibility
4-10-17 Committee action pending in House Human Services Committee

Tell House Calendars to Support

HB 199 by Bernal (county wide voting)
4-3-17 H Committee report arrived in Calendars
HB 249 by Hernandez (abuse & neglect definitions)
4-5-17 H Committee report arrived in Calendars
HB 337 by Collier (continue Medicaid after jail release)
03-28-17 H Committee action pending House Public Health

Tell Your House Member

Oppose SB 3 by L. Taylor (vouchers)
Oppose SB 4 by Perry (sanctuary cities)

Tell Your Senate Member

Support HB 21 by Huberty (school finance bill)
Support SB 275 by Watson ($ for job training & placement)

Weekly Witness Call Scripts

Click here for a list of toll free numbers for Committee members referenced on the first page. The full list of House and Senate members is at of Using the toll free numbers allow Texas Impact staff to track how many calls are going in to each office.

It’s especially helpful if your own senator or representative is a member of the committee; however, even if you don’t live in the district of any committee members, you still should call all the members of the committee and let them know how you feel about the bill.

Sample Script

Hello, my name is                      and I live in ___________. I am calling to thank Representative/Senator       __  for his/her service and to let you know that I and members of my congregation are praying for the Representative/Senator and his/her staff.
I’m calling about HB/SB__________ by ______________________.  That bill is in __________________(name of the committee the bill is in). I support/oppose the bill and here’s why:
I want to urge the Representative/Senator to support/oppose HB/SB__________. Can you tell me how the Representative/Senator plans to vote on the bill, and if there is any information she/he needs to help make a decision about how to vote?

Don’t forget to thank the staff member you are talking to at the end of the call, even if you disagree with their boss on the issue or bill—they are working hard and appreciate being appreciated!

In the past members have occasionally blocked our toll free number because of high call volume from people of faith. We want them to hear your voice, so if you call twice and received busy signals, email and we will update the number.


Weekly Witness Sponsors

Congregations, organizations, businesses or individuals can sponsor up to 19 weeks of legislative briefings to ensure that the 85th Legislature hears from Texans of all faith and cultural backgrounds in order to advocate for the common good at a time when Texas needs it!

Platinum Sponsors:

  • Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church, Houston

  • Members of Friends Congregational Church, College Station

  • Rev. Dr. T. Randall Smith and Rev. Sandra W. Smith